W3C Complaince

With each release we get to a higher compliance(in terms of schema components and other semantics) of XSD specifications. Depending on the release being used, there may be some schema components that would not be supported. This section strives to document release-wise schema specification compliance of XmlPlus.

For this release and a few more future releases, XmlPlus implementation targets to support shema components from XSD 1.0 specification. Though for rules around these schema components, we have tried to refer to the relevant sections from XSD 1.1 specifications. This is so because XSD 1.1 specification, in addition to completely new additions, has some errata updates over XSD 1.0 specification.

This page captures schema components that are not supported in the latest release.
To view release-wise compliance including old releases, visit release-history.

Unsupported components in XmlPlus Release 0.2
Spec Version component descripton support targeted in release
XSD 1.0 <redefine>, <notation> -- release 0.3
XSD 1.0 <attributeGroup>, <group> Group Definitions release 0.3
XSD 1.0 <key>, <keyref>, <unique>, <selector>, <field> Identity-constraints release 0.3
XSD 1.0 <any>, <anyAttribute> wildcards release 0.3
XSD 1.0

  block, blockDefault (applicable to <element> and <complexType>)

  final, finalDefault (applicable to <element>)

element substutability(<substitutionGroup>) and related schema attributes on <element>, <complexType> and <schema>

Note: final/finalDefault attributes applicable to type-definitions(simpleType/complexType) are supported in this release
release 0.3

XSD 1.0 Specifications: XSD 1.1 Specifications: